The following is the background beliefs behind the TigerFit philosophy, services and products:


“For 3 million years we were hunter-gatherers, and it was through the evolutionary pressures of that way of life that a brain so adaptable and creative eventually emerged. Today we stand with the brains of hunter-gatherers in our heads”- Richard Leakey

Hunting is in our nature. Through millions of years of evolutionary pressures the hunting instinct has become firmly ingrained. Humans are the ultimate goal-seeking organism—with powerful brains and indomitable spirits, we have conquered much of our physical realm. But only through focused hunting-type experience do we get rewarded—when we are in pursuit of a difficult challenge and overcoming adversity is when we are most present and alive.

Every time we set out after a difficult goal or task, we are on a hunt. Whether we are stalking our next victory in competition, gold medal, or championship belt, our mind, body and spirit functions in the same manner as if we need to bring down a deer to feed our family. The essence of modern combat athletes is identical to that of the ancient hunter-warrior, that is why many have found themselves deep in the combat sports world—one of the few activities that provides a deep connection to our roots.

To survive in 2018, the physical hunt of prey is no longer needed. It has changed to voraciously acquiring new skills and techniques and applying them to our worthy goals. This new age type of hunting is on full display every time we focus our sights and efforts on a competition. This moment of truth is when all our hard earned skillset and fighter spirit must manifest itself. Each time we succeed in taking down our goals we grow stronger and become better hunters. After each successful hunt, our new prey is our next challenge on the mats, in the ring or cage.

Every serious combat athlete must be a consistent pursuer of new skills, goals, milestones and sometimes a predator of other fighters. There is a saying in fight sports that ‘If you’re not getting better, than you are becoming worse’—constant improvement in abilities and mindset is essential in the fight game. Becoming a better hunter is always the end game. Because in competitive unarmed combat, it can often be an implicit kill or be killed activity—a Darwinian-like struggle for survival. During high level competition you can be the predator or the prey. The sport at the elite level is too ruthless and brutal to be taken as a simple recreation or hobby. Those who do take it lightly eventually run into the elite ‘all-in’ predators and are taught a harsh primal lesson.

To be successful the fighter must function as a human predator and consistently hunt worthy goals. And just like the hungry tiger that must relentlessly stalk one meal at a time to survive, the combat athlete must rely on every facet of mind, body and spirit to achieve one challenging goal or competition at a time. This is done by concentrating prime efforts on the controllable factors of its task; continuous improvement in skills, mindset, nutrition, physical training and any other necessities.



Unavoidably standing in the goal-hunter's path is the monstrous and powerful daemon-dragon, its antagonistic adversary. The daemon-dragon is a symbol for the worst parts of ourselves and what it is capable of, if unchained. It is the embodiment of all the many self-destructive thoughts, negative feelings and behaviors that will doom us to failure if not held in check. It represents our built-in failure mechanism in which our fears, harmful emotions, self-limiting beliefs, and vices will breathe fire on our hopes and dreams through consistent bad decisions if not managed properly.

Each person must battle with their own personal demons—basically anything that prevents or interferes with performing the positive action steps of their life’s work.

But we need constant reminders that the daemon-dragon is a mythical creature and not of this world. It only truly exists in our mind and only we alone augment its power. It is the self-destructive mind serpent that lurks and lashes out from the shadows of our subconscious mind when we let our guard down. Through internal psychological warfare—some will constantly feed their daemon with negative thoughts, painful memories and destructive activities until it becomes colossal and overwhelming—while others will occasionally struggle with the lower daemons of resistance, half-ass effort and avoiding challenging goals.

Once combat athletes leave their comfort zone, the process of progress begins. But the difficult and unfamiliar new lessons also wake up the daemon mind. The uncertainty, vulnerability, and insecurities of exposed ego are its fiery influence. This leads many to be safe and avoid discomfort in their training and competition goals—which overtime stifles development and results in wasted potential.



Every one of us has some type of self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions that if not overcome, will negatively impact our lives—not only in our chosen journeys but also in our personal relationships and career goals. The struggle of pushing past internal resistance is part of the human experience. But it is never more apparent or crucial than in the case of the performance-based warrior. Because fighters risk much more than any other athletes, they must put forth their best efforts. Those that do not embrace their hunter mindset and put in the necessary work eventually are brutally exposed.

The daily inner conflict of success and failure, of making the right decision or a lesser one, is the fight that must be won before we attain our goals. The Yin and Yang-like internal struggle of the symbolic tiger versus the daemon-dragon—optimal living and actions versus self-sabotage and inferior efforts—is an issue that all combat athletes must acknowledge at some point in their journeys. Are you doing your best to consistently move closer to your worthy goals? Or are you limiting yourself by being your own worst enemy? This becomes the true mental battle that all individuals must face and conquer before they can win the battles in the real world.

Only fighters that are hungry can move forward and grow. Passion and obsession fuel the hunt. To achieve success we must embrace the growth mindset and consistently feed our inner hunter through empowering thoughts and action and by taking down one goal at a time. Only through the martial arts lifestyle of discipline, dedicated practice and constant mental, physical and spiritual growth can we progress towards our optimal self. Once a focused hunter has their worthy goal locked in their minds eye, it is only through this way of life and consistent defeating of our inner daemon-dragon can we ascend to the highest levels of the pyramid of success. Individuals who have chosen the path of high level combat sports have no choice but to embrace this philosophy to succeed.

The TF metaphor is that of the goal-seeking hunter-warrior fighting the internal shadow monster of fear and resistance.