Thought Management

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Thought management is a skill we should have been taught as children. Instead, like most people, I struggled through decades to figure it out on my own. Here are a few bad thought habits that have caused me pain in the past & I work on constantly. I'm certain that I'm not alone.


  1. Catastrophic thoughts: This is assuming the worst whenever something undesirable happens. Amplifying a minor stressful situation to a 'worst case scenario'. For example, when I started losing my hair, I irrationally believed I would never get another hot date again. Nope, not the case, my social life endured and I slowly accepted being part of the bald nation.
  2. 'Broken Record' Loop: After a painful situation, humiliation or setback, I would internally relive the incident +10x's a day for weeks or even months. This would cause much stress and often spiral into negative behavior. Now I let it sting for a bit, analyze it enough to learn from it, and then strategically use it for motivation or "flush it" from consciousness.
  3. Limited Vocabulary: Every day, training session or competition would be thought of as simply 'good or bad', black or white. Instead, I make effort to find more eloquent and descriptive terms to self-enlighten. A bad sparring session turned into "Todays sparring was difficult, but I learned I have many holes in my defense and my set-ups are predictable. I must fix these."


If we take the time to identify and work on our limiting thought patterns. Our actions magically become more streamlined for success.