Be Relentless with your Goals

ATTITUDE and PERSISTENCE are two of the early great lessons of life. Before a baby learns to walk, they must endure many thousands of awkward steps and hundreds of painful falls. Physical and emotional stress must be ignored. Countless attempts are required with no exceptions. Eventually, after many months of temporary failures, success is achieved. 

This is the success formula that many forget as we get older. It is estimated that only 3-5% of white belts will make it to black belt in most martial arts. 95% of dieters regain the weight. 60% don't renew their gym membership. And 8 out 10 new businesses fail. 

Whenever you are learning a difficult new skill or endeavor, in essence, you are learning to walk again. If it is important to you, than you must find a way. Simply, be as relentless as the fed-up crawling baby you once were.