Caged Tigers

Tigers are considered the ultimate predators on earth. The early part of their life consists of learning the skill of the hunt. And once that deadly art is mastered, nourishing their body and spirit, one prey at a time is their formula for lifelong success. Hunt. Eat. Repeat.

Humans are also natural super-hunters. For millions of years, we needed to hunt to survive. Our powerful brains developed many ways to bring down faster, stronger and more dangerous species. This quality allowed us to eventually dominate the planet. 

In 2018, however, times are very different. The majestic tiger is an endangered species. And most humans eat mainly processed junk food and sit comfortably for the majority of the day. Essentially we have become caged tigers. We are all capable of extraordinary things but instead, most live routine, uninspired lives--waiting to be fed and told what to do.

To avoid this spiritual death, the solution is simple. Become the goal-seeking hunter you were designed to be. Have big, scary, difficult goals and dreams that provide purpose to your soul. They can be quick attainable goals like weight loss, performance, or material gains. Or lifelong pursuits like a world championship or new skill/ career mastery. All that matters is that you commit yourself to the hunt. Stalking, chasing and toothing and clawing your way to the best feelings in the world--accomplishment and achievement. Always be hunting!