TF Jumping Jack Warmup

This is the official TigerFit jumping jack warm-up I use for every class. It is a combination of 9 different jumping jack variations performed back to back. Each type may be performed for a 10 to 30 count of each for as many rounds as needed. It targets every muscle group of the body and fires up the heart rate. This also makes an excellent quick workout when your traveling and don't have much time and equipment to get a traditional workout in. Try 5 to 10 rounds with a 20 second rest in between. You will be sweating bullets.


  1. Traditional Jumping Jack.
  2. Reverse Jack: Move arm and legs internally.

  3. Criss Cross : Move arms and legs over and under each other.

  4. High Knee's + arms up and arms out.

  5. Side step + elbow.

  6. Lower half hip twist.

  7. High knee check + slap arms down on inside thigh.

  8. Leg kick with a quick step.

  9. Front Jacks: arms and legs in front plane (not shown).


  •  Special Thanks to @chrysti_ane